Welcome to my website!  I am Teresa S. Unseld, art educator, author, and graphic artist.  I grew up and attended schools on military bases throughout the United States and abroad. 
I received both my Bachelor’s degree in art education and a Master’s degree in studio art (drawing and painting) from Morehead State University and my Doctorate in Art Education  from Ball State University.  I have served as a K-12 art educator and university associate professor in Indiana, North Carolina, West Germany (Department of Defense), Arizona, Kentucky, Colorado and Pennsylvania.  My professional achievements include service as the former national president of the United States Society for Education through Art (USSEA), a subsidary of the National Art Education Association.  I am the author of Portfolios,
a book series that combine my passion for combining American history, art and learning activities to introduce learners to the contributions made by Americans of diverse ethnicities and cultures.  I have conducted some pretty exiciting related field experiences and research in Australia, China, Croatia, Italy, and Ghana.  The proud recipient of the National Art Education Association J. Eugene Grigsby Jr. Teaching Award, I hold high standards in my teaching, do not compromise my honest appraisal of student learning and work tirelessly for optimum learning for myself and the learners I am committed to teach.  My background and life experiences have created a strong passion for community service--whether it is local, national or international.  As a service to my local community, I now have the priviledge of teaching drawing to participating members of Philadelphia's senior community centers (see Project section for more on this exciting, successful endeavor).  As an artist, I am drawn to the powerful results from combining graphite imagery with collages-an exciting technique I have come to embrace and continue to explore.  You are invited to view my works as well as my exhibit history in the Projects section (Gallery link) of this site. Again, come in, explore, welcome...! 
Photos: upper left, Portfolios books by author Teresa S. Unseld; middle left, 2013 St. Theresa rehabilitation Ctr in Ghana with UArts students and St. Theresa personnel; and bottom left, 2014 St. participants of Charles Senior Community Center Drawing Class in Philadelphia
Photos: upper right, 2013 In My Father's House Children's Home in Ghana Farewell ceremony ; middle right, St. Charles Senior Community  Ctr Drawing Class participants at the first exhibition of their works in Philadelphia; and bottom right, "Ancestors" 2013 drawing collage by Teresa Unseld
Photo bottom: Unseld Exhibition in St. Jerolimus Church, Stari Grad, Croatia, 2002
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